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Your Dispenser
should be smart
Smart dispensers of hand sanitizers for businesses and homes.
Protect your store with the latest technology
Real-time SMS/Email Notification
Stay on the go with battery, Liquid and location status information accessible at your fingertips
Manage your list of dispensers in your echo system. Get reports and updates on dispenser status
Minimum 24 hours in active full autonomous mode with battery life of 2 years.
Meet the Real-time dashboard
that puts the control back into your hands
"If magically, the dispensers would tell me exactly when they are empty, I would put one everywhere, even in my personal home instead of what I have now."
Dr. Petro Digenova
Empty dispensers.
Display dispensers.
UP Smart Dispenser

How it Works

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  • Real Time Notification using IoT technology
  • Get SMS/Email when your dispenser liquid is empty
  • OTA updates for firmware
  • 100K times pump capacity
  • Battery life 2 years
  • 1200ml fill capacity

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